A discussion on the persecution of christians in muslim countries especially iraq

A number of the countries in icc's report were also featured in aid to the church in need's november list of nations where christians face the most persecution the seven nations where persecution was branded so extreme by acn that it could scarcely get any worse include: afghanistan, iraq (northern), nigeria, north korea, saudi arabia . Iraq's christians persecuted by isis prayers through centuries of persecution father joseph ibrahim is one of only seven monks left here it's a site holy to both christians and muslims . In short, the overwhelming majority of persecution that these 215 million christians experience around the world — especially the worst forms, such as rape and murder — occurs at the hands of muslims. Although christians have lived in the middle east - the birthplace of christianity - for nearly two thousand years, as a result of years of persecution and discrimination, especially in the past .

“both countries are extreme in intolerance and outright persecution of christians in every area open doors monitors” including afghanistan, 33 of the 50 worst nations for christians are on the list due to islamic oppression. Persecution trends especially targeting the christians many muslim majority countries are legitimising more radical models of islam. This is not just a discussion about religious liberty what everyone gets wrong about the persecution of christians in iraq.

Southern equip menu search articles especially christianity, in some sectors of secular opinion this article focuses only on the persecution of christians . The jihadist cleansing of christianity from muslim countries countries, especially iraq, have environments that are very hostile because of extremists in the . 215 million christians persecuted, mostly by muslims these countries were significantly safer for religious minorities the muslim persecution of christians . Christians might also be surprised to see that jordan was ranked number 26 on the list of 50 countries with the worst christian persecution, given that jordan is often applauded for being a moderate muslim country and for its religious tolerance. The top 10 worst countries for christian persecution a child displaced by fighting between the iraqi army and the islamic state group rides in a truck to a camp for displaced families jan 27 in .

Where persecution comes from in iraq, numerous groups contribute to christian persecutionradical movements such as the islamic state (is) group target iraqi christians and other religious minorities for kidnappings and killings. This persecution is nothing new for christians in these countries, for over 2,000 years now christians have been targeted and discriminated against a great example of this persecution is, “back in the 1950’s, an egyptian named sayyid qutb, a muslim brotherhood member, demanded that christians effectively be driven underground and made . Middle east christians: a status report the story for christians in iraq and syria is especially heartbreaking the radical muslim forces of the islamic state captured mosul – the . The countries where it’s most dangerous to be a christian january 11, iraq persecution type: islamic christian believers, especially those who are . One statistic that i find especially troubling is this: in the 16th century, christians formed half the population of iraq, while in 1987, the last iraqi census counted only 14 million christians while christians represent less than 5% of the iraqi population, they make up 40% of the refugees now living in nearby countries.

A discussion on the persecution of christians in muslim countries especially iraq

The social justice crowd turns its back to the abuse of women in muslim countries christians face persecution the likes of which hadn’t been seen since the . Burnett and his wife, actress roma downey, have spoken out repeatedly on the issue of christian and yazidi genocide at the hands of the islamic state in iraq and syria. The top 10 worst countries for christian persecution iraq (86 points) — iraqi christians have not on the list of the 50 countries where christians face the worst persecution: the united . Iran and iraq were mostly zoroastrian before 700 ad christian persecution by muslims never really stopped genocide of non-muslims has always been the modus .

  • Minority report: christian persecution in muslim-majority countries testifying before the united states house foreign affairs committee in may 2015, sister diana momeka of the dominican sisters of st catherine of sienna, mosul, iraq, said the following:.
  • Some muslims in the middle east harbor a hatred of christians, even of the indigenous christians who predate the arrival of islam if persecution is not the only reason, what are some other reasons for the christian exodus.
  • Fox news uses persecuted iraq christians to bash obama, muslims as it is and cited christian persecution in other countries where you to christians around the world especially those in .

This article also appeared in print, under the headline religious freedom around the world under siege christian persecution is especially acute, in the september 3, 2018 issue more: religious . Editorial: in much of the world, and many islamic societies especially, christians are oppressed the rights of humans should always come before the proclaimed rights of god. Christianity is being driven out of the middle east especially in muslim-dominated countries jihadists appear to have repeatedly carried out one of their oft-stated goals of erasing any . Top ten countries for persecution of christians: north korea and nine muslim countries “christian persecution: sorry in all muslim countries christians are .

a discussion on the persecution of christians in muslim countries especially iraq Iraq and syria are third and fourth on the list with muslim populations of 99 percent and 87 percent respectively, according to the cia’s world factbook “ violence against christians by the islamic state and other islamic terrorist groups increased in countries like iraq and syria.
A discussion on the persecution of christians in muslim countries especially iraq
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