Compare two characters in the outsiders

compare two characters in the outsiders Transcript of character traits in the outsiders internal & external character traits darry curtis  two-bit dallas winston.

Metaphors compare two unlike things in order to describe the attributes of something in the outsiders, metaphors are used extensively to describe characters, places, and feelings. Read another of se hinton's novels, and in chart format, compare it to the outsiders, focusing on the following literary elements: plot, setting, characters, and theme 20 points ____ 3. To conclude both characters are outsiders, not for the same reasons, but for what they were if they lived in modern society they would be treated more equally if the anarchist were found to do bad things, he would be punished, or reformed. A list of all the characters in the outsiders the the outsiders characters covered include: ponyboy curtis, darrel curtis , sodapop curtis, two-bit mathews, steve . Comparing two things not alike the outsiders study guide by longcheryl includes 11 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more characters in outsiders .

The outsiders study guide contains a biography of author s e hinton, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. For darry, dally, two-bit, sodapop, maybe steve and maybe johnny, they definitely took the role of small side characters they were side characters in the novel, but they had bigger roles in it all in all, i think the book was better. Although i thought they were two very different movies to my surprise, 'grease' and 'the outsiders' do have some very similar characteristics. 3 application: use a venn diagram to compare and contrast a character from the outsiders 4 synthesis: create an essay comparing and contrasting two portrayals of a character.

Of characters in the outsiders because of the similar characterization, make up of self and group uniqueness, and self-exploration - compare and contrast the . Characters in the outsiders book and movie were similar and different ponyboy’s brothers in the movie liked to hang around with each other just like they did in the book yet the characters in he movies where not as i had pictured them in my mind for instance two bit was awfully short, i thought he would be taller as darry. The outsiders book and movie: compare and contrast january 22, 2017 it would introduce the characters in a smoother fashion the outsiders was different in many ways, but one thing . The outsiders major characters ponyboy curtis: a dreamy fourteen year old boy who belongs to a gang of greasers he is the most thoughtful of his gang, and the story .

Comparing books and films: the outsiders person point of view so it doesn’t show what ponyboy thinks about different characters only two things on my mind . The outsiders novel and movie writing assignment you’ve got character: compare and contrast the characters in the book and two-bit (emilio estevez) hair. The outsiders is narrated by the main character, ponyboy curtis the story is placed in oklahoma during the 1960s in the first chapter, ponyboy introduces himself and gives a brief history of his family he also describes the relationships between his gang members, and the relationships within his . The outsiders characters, and stereotypes descriptions of the characters and stereotypes of the two social classes from the book the outsiders by se hinton study. Johnny and dally are both major characters in the novel “the outsiders” by se hinton “the outsiders” is a novel about friendship, rivalry, stereotypes, trust and family relationships set in the 1960’s of america se hinton describes how two gangs, the socs and the greasers get to know .

Compare two characters in the outsiders

“comparing books and films: the outsiders” the book talks about the rivalry and conflict between two gangs ( the greasers and the socs) some characters . The outsiders characters from litcharts | the creators of sparknotes sign in sign up lit guides lit he is a compassionate and supportive sibling to his two . The outsiders is an excellent tale by s e hinton, and the movie was high-quality as well there was a huge variation between the two there were also tiny details that were precisely the same. Everything you ever wanted to know about the characters in the outsiders, written by experts two-bittwo-bit is the jokester of the gang and—at eighteen—is .

This quiz will determine which character in se hinton's classic 1967 young adult novel the outsiders you are most like which outsiders character are you | playbuzz by continuing to use the playbuzz platform, you agree to the use of cookies. In se hinton's book the outsiders, socs is the name for the rich, cool kids, and greasers is what the kids from the wrong part of town are called the book is set in the 1960s, and the two groups reflect the two different cultures of the time the socs are depicted as teenagers who wear . Compare and contrast two characters from the outsiders compare and contrast the socs and the greasers. The outsiders: a comparison between the book and the movie book and movie venn diagram by joe bobby on 10 february 2012 tweet comments (0) please .

Compare and contrast ponyboy and johnny in the outsiders ponyboy and johnny are two very different characters, but like all, have similarities and . The main similarity between the book and the movie the outsiders is that both follow the same storyline the movie characters have similar roles to the book characters, and ponyboy serves as the narrator in both pieces the major difference between the book and the movie is that there is minimal . Compare and contrast essay: the outsiders due 100 points compare and contrast yourself to a one character from the novel 5 total paragraphs.

compare two characters in the outsiders Transcript of character traits in the outsiders internal & external character traits darry curtis  two-bit dallas winston. compare two characters in the outsiders Transcript of character traits in the outsiders internal & external character traits darry curtis  two-bit dallas winston.
Compare two characters in the outsiders
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